Our Story

Agarbatti Sabki was established in September 2019 at Parli Village, about 90 kms from Mumbai, in one of the most rural and tribal belts of Sudhagad Taluka, Raigad District, Maharashtra.

The Sudhagad Taluka – a completely male dominated demography – has extreme conditions of poverty leading to severe malnutrition, tribal culture and lifestyle, child labour in bootleg breweries, child marriages, scarce resources for an average family size of 6-8 and lack of purpose to avail education, especially for the girl child.

The idea behind establishing this unit was to provide an avenue of employment to the under-privileged to uplift and empower them, while creating quality products and putting them on the world map.

USPs of Agarbatti Sabki:

  • Premium quality incense sticks, made with love
  • Made from top grade raw material, sourced consciously and ethically
  • All variants are 100% free from charcoal, to avoid harmful side-effects on health
  • Curated range of 10 select fragrances inspired by elements of nature
  • All fragrances are International Fragrances Association (IFRA) compliant – This association assesses the safety of fragrance materials & either establishes ‘Safe Use Levels’, or prohibits their use, based on studying their potential effects on people & environment.
  • The incense sticks are made by under-privileged villagers in Parli Village in the interiors of Maharashtra State, India. Every product sold creates livelihood opportunities and empowers them.
  • Sale proceeds are donated to an NGO and utilized for upliftment of needy persons through various initiatives like education, healthcare and women empowerment.

About our Elements Series of Fragrances :

Fragrances have an impact on both – one’s mood and mind. Our “Elements Series” of fragrances is inspired by the elements of nature – Earth, Water, Fire and Air. These elements define us, and the effect our environment has on us. Whether in need of a refreshing mist or something to boost mood and energy, there’s something for everyone.

  Earth Series Water Series Air Series Fire Series
  Inspired by the ability to keep us grounded and tame our wilderness while nurturing our innate strengths Inspired by the vibrancy of a gurgling stream and also the depth of calm steady waters Inspired by the elevating effect that Air can have on us when it balances its own lightness with its innate power to lift other elements effortlessly & elegantly Inspired by the kindling nature of Fire
Fragrances available Divine Woods Cool Blue Sunlit Bloom Vibrant Rose
Precious Chandan Aqua Pura Delightful Blossom Radiant Energy
Fresh Amber Elegant Rajnigandha

The fragrances by Agarbatti Sabki are unique blends & have a calming effect on the mind, while elevating the spirit. The sattvik evergy triggers the brain centres; and can reduce stress significantly while also having mystic healing powers. People have experienced positivity and lowering of stress levels because of the soothing effect of our fragrances.

We’re happy to let you know that within a year of inception, we have started exports and the response is encouraging.