Agarbatti Sabki – Radiant Energy

Agarbatti Sabki – Radiant Energy


Incense sticks blended in premium quality, IFRA certified fragrance. The beaming aura of Radiant Energy is inspired by the kindling nature of element “Fire”.

  • Premium quality incense sticks
  • Handmade with love by the under-privileged villagers of Parli in Maharashtra
  • Raw material sourced consciously and ethically
  • 100% Charcoal free
  • Curated range of 10 unique & healthy fragrances called the “Elements” series, inspired by elements of nature – Earth, Water, Fire & Air
  • All fragrances are certified under International Fragrances Association (IFRA)
  • Each product sold creates livelihood opportunities and empowers the under-privileged
  • Sale proceeds are happily donated to an NGO and utilized for upliftment of needy persons through various initiatives like education, healthcare and women empowerment.
Weight 50 g


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