Agarbatti Sabki – Sunlit Bloom

Agarbatti Sabki – Sunlit Bloom


Incense sticks blended in premium quality, IFRA certified fragrance. Sunlit Bloom is inspired by the elevating effect element “Air” can have on us when it balances its own lightness with its innate power to lift other elements effortlessly and elegantly. This fragrance is energizing like the morning rays of the Sun.

  • Premium quality incense sticks
  • Handmade with love by the under-privileged villagers of Parli in Maharashtra
  • Raw material sourced consciously and ethically
  • 100% Charcoal free
  • Curated range of 10 unique & healthy fragrances called the “Elements” series, inspired by elements of nature – Earth, Water, Fire & Air
  • All fragrances are certified under International Fragrances Association (IFRA)
  • Each product sold creates livelihood opportunities and empowers the under-privileged
  • Sale proceeds are happily donated to an NGO and utilized for upliftment of needy persons through various initiatives like education, healthcare and women empowerment
Weight 50 g


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